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Fore The Ladies Package

The "Fore The Ladies Package" contains the Tin Cup of your choice, a leather pouch, and a black clip. The value of these items if purchased separately would be $32.95. You'll save $2.95 by buying this package.

Please select a Tin Cup of your choice, color of Leather Pouch, and 2 pen colors in the Options section below.

Engraving is also available (view sample). Please note: Engraving will NOT allow you to mark on the ball. It is on top of the cup only and not cut through the cup.

To cut a design THROUGH the cup, you will need to create a custom Tin Cup with a cut out mark or initials. You can see a custom Tin Cup sample here.

For any questions regarding engraving, please contact us at 703-876-6063 or info@tin-cup.com

We recommend using a Ultra Fine Permanent Ink Pen for best results.

Please read the USGA Rules of Golf in regards to ball identification.

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