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Tin Cup Marketplace

Welcome to the Tin Cup Marketplace. We have many friends in the golf business who make great products and we have curated our favorites, some of which you may know and others that may be new to you.

ShaftSkinz Logo

Shaftskinz are a unique and fun way to customize your golf club shafts. With a quick and easy installation process, you can create your own unique putter, driver, wedge or whole set of clubs in a matter of minutes.

ShaftSkinz Product

JumboMax Logo

Our patented JumboMax® Grip is the original super-oversized grip that others are trying to copy. Our revolutionary Finger-Palm™ grip technology places the grip in the strongest, most stable part of your hands for longer, straighter golf shots, guaranteed. Less tension, more power, better control. That's the JumboMax advantage!

JumboMax Product