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Here are some of the letters received by Tin Cup customers:

I just wanted to say that I've watched your company grow from the first time I discovered you at the PGA Show some years ago. I have purchased many of your designs as gifts and for personal use since then. What makes you successful is the fresh infusion of new designs and ideas. Good for you and continued success!

~ Pamela - Tequesta, Florida

I received 5 cups and clips last week. Giving to some family as Easter presents. They are going to love them. Had purchased many cups a few weeks ago from the River course in Kiawah. I can't wait until Christmas. These are going to everyone. We are a huge golfing family as well as all our friends. I am so excited to have found these! Many thanks for making such a fun and amazing quality product!

~ Patti - New Jersey

On our annual golfing trip to Myrtle Beach this past September we visited Martins Golf Store. I noticed your company had a display and I was so intrigued and impressed with the ease and the quality of the product as well as the resulting ball mark that I had to have one! I used it for the entire trip and it was absolutely great! no fade with a clear crisp design. Since I love steamed crabs the crab design was a natural ! thanks for a great & unique product.

~ Mike - Parkton, Maryland

I recently purchased and received one of your Tin-Cup golf ball logo marking devices. The guys I play weekend golf with all have them and I too had to have one. I purchased one that resembles a wine glass as a reminder that the "19th Hole" is waiting. I received my Tin-Cup last week and had a chance to use it for the first time this past Sunday. The guys thought the wine glass was great. On the 12th hole, a 142 yard par three, I hit a crisp 9-iron to the elevated green. It was right on line and I knew it would be close with a good chance for a birdie. When we arrived up at the green, only one of the four of us had a ball sitting on the green. I assumed the ball on the green was mine since the shot looked right on line. When I noticed a green "Tin-Cup" shamrock on the ball, I knew it was not mine. One of the other guys said "I think you're in the hole". My heart started pounding as I approached the hole. It seemed like slow motion as I got closer. When I got to the hole and looked in, staring me directly in the face was my Tin-Cup wine glass logo!

I JUST GOT MY FIRST HOLE-IN-ONE DAYS AFTER RECEIVING MY "TIN-CUP" (and I've been playing golf for 40years!!!)

~ Bill - Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

"Nice work guys! I ordered a shamrock on Tuesday afternoon, it was delivered in Thursday's mail, and then I went out to play a late afternoon round and birdied the first hole. Must have been the mojo! Great service, very easy to use and very cool product."

~ Burr - Lexington, Virginia

"This is so much better than anything I have used to mark my golf balls. I played the same ball for over 18 holes and the the mark was still visable except for alittle fading!! GREAT JOB!!"

~ Brent - South Carolina

"I would say that Tin Cup offers a unique product, the Tin Cup was well received by our membership and guests during our Member/Guest. We were looking for an inexpensive and cool day gift for our Member/Guest and the Tin Cup surpassed our expectations with the presentation of the leather gift bag and the bag clip. The staff at Tin Cup is great to work with and can do any design that you can imagine up."

~ Richie Hare - Director of Golf, Vaquero Club

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the product. The quality is well beyond what I imagined! I think you have a real winner on your hands. Thanks for making a great product!"

~ Brian Hendrickson

"True story: I used the shamrock ball marker you gave me for the first time on Friday. I had my first hole in one on #12 at Chantilly. It was 182 yds and landed 6” from cup and hopped in."

~ Pat Dean - Chantilly, VA

"I 'Made My Mark' with TinCup on July 10, 2009 by using one ball for 18 holes and won the Member Guest tournament. It was a close call when I hit my ball into the creek on #3 but luckily I was able to clearly identify my ball, thanks to TinCup. I went on to par the hole, penalty stroke free. What an exciting new idea - everyone who sees it loves it. Can't think of a better personalized gift for any occasion."

"Loving my Tin Cup from Virginia,"
~ Mark Siciliano and Robert ("Fitz") Fitzpatrick - Washington Golf and Country Club, Arlington, VA

"I think that the Tin Cup is a great idea. I have been using the "From the Tips" Multi-Tool Tin Cup for most of the summer and like the fact that I can choose from a number of various symbols to mark my ball. The mark comes out very sharp and visible."

~ Rob Ferguson - Head Teaching Professional, Washington Golf and Country Club, Arlington, VA

"I always know which ball is mine and that was never more evident than when I pulled my drive on No. 1 at Kilmarlic Golf Course onto the driving range adjacent to the fairway. Not only did I find it, but a discussion ensued as to whether I could play the shot from the range. I was out voted and forced to take an OB penalty, but I found my ball!"

~ Tripp Butler - President, Culpeper Country Club, Culpeper, VA

"Last week I used the 'Divine Intervention' TinCup for the very first time. I made a birdie on the first hole and went on to shoot one of my best rounds of the year. The markings on the ball make it very easy to identify in the rough or anywhere off of the fairway."

~ Father Marcel Guarnizo - McLean, VA

"Until you see your logo on a golf ball, you really cannot appreciate the value of such a simple but very impactful concept like what they've created at TinCup."

~ Joel A. Doyle - Owner, Bloodhound Staffing, Fredericksburg, VA

"I have three words for you about the Tin Cup: simple, elegant, brilliant. I am looking forward to using the Tin Cup at our 6th annual Founders Cup match this Fall as I would give it rave reviews so far."

~ Fletcher Jewett - Chevy Chase Country Club, Chevy Chase, MD

"I am not a good golfer but love the game. I was given "The Predator" as a gift and thought that it was fun way to be different than the standard dot(s) or lines that usually mark my golf balls. When I used the Predator, what I found was that focusing on the shark at address (especially off the tee), helped prevent the 137 swing thoughts that usually go through my head on each shot."

~ Alton Grimes

"The imprinting system is awesome. My daughter and I marked several balls last night and we had a blast! I am impressed by how tightly you integrated the product branding, the marketing slicks, the website, the production and even the kit I got with the pen, cup, bag and clip. Thanks for the personal service!"

~ Don Eckrod - Falls Church, VA

"I received it today and tested it on a ball -- fantastic! Much better than the ink stamp I have been using. Thanks very much -- the template turned out perfectly -- much better than I had expected, because my design (below) is so complex. You got it exactly right!! Thanks again."

~ David R. Watson - San Diego, CA